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Customer Testimonials

My name is Gennady, I am 53 years old and live in Moscow. I am very athletic person but swimming is new for me.

I took 30 lessons from Coach Elena in period of 2 weeks in summer 2014 in Catskills, NY.

My dream is to swim across the Botsfort , 6 miles open water event in summer 2015, but I am afraid of the water and my breathing is my main concern.

Elena started with balancing me better in water to relax my body and eventually I got that easy exhale through my stroking. She taught me dolphin kick, which actually help me to feel the water while kicking. Before my legs were heavy and I didn't go too far with kick board.

Then she introduced me to the rotation and whole body use. She have showed to me several useful exercises on land and water and I was doing those drills for a while until my body felt lighter and higher out of water.

Arm pull and kick connected through the core was our last part of the lessons. I really enjoyed this part: I swam under water a lot, flippers were fun too. Coach didn't just taught me how to swim freestyle correct, I learned every stroke and can swim breaststroke and butterfly with grace.

Now I feel lighter, kick doesn't give me hard time, arms are resting during the recovery and breathing is easy. We did several 20 minutes tests at the end and every time I was able to finish and swam easier and longer. I guess right now it's my part to teach myself endurance. Coach Elena gave me useful feedback and training plan for 1 year until my race.

Swimming was never natural for me, but after our lessons I am pretty confident that I will reach my dream.

I will recommend Coach Elena to anyone who wants to learn or improve swimming at any level.

- Gennady R., Moscow

'Elena is an excellent swim teacher for all ages. My daughter started private lessons with her 18 months ago, and you can see the improvement every class. The most important thing is kids really like her class, fun and exciting.'

Jin Liu, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"No one beats Elena! She is amazing! I took my son Frank to her swimming classes when he was not even. 6 months old. What an experience !! We still keep in touch. I love her!'

Pavlina Ognarova Saizelder

Michigan, USA

"Elena was an awesome coach to both my kids emphasizing on technique. What make her awesome is that she is there for the sport and believe that everyone can swim."

Jenny Ng, USA 

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