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Customer Testimonials

- Ilona Vilcina, creator and parent of the camper in NYC.

- John Ricardo, New York

Thank You so much for organizing Swimming Camp in New York!!! We been in few local Swimming Camps and many Swimming workshops for advanced Swimmers, and nothing was even close to your Program!!! Learning from International Coaches, Olympians, National swimmers and other kids was the best! Kids learn so much!!! Have Improved amazingly! They got much better understanding about technique! Coaches was Amazing! They gave all they're heart and attention to each Kid! Your Video Analysis is the best tool in teaching advanced swimmers! Please bring back International Swimming Camp to New York again!!!

Ilona Vicina, New York

I just want to thank all of you phenomenal coaches who've helped my daughter improve her skills over the past few days. You are appreciated!

Tamara Simpson, New York

"Thank you for organizing the Camp! My son improved a lot during the camp week. Thank you to the amazing coaches who taught the kids so much! It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun for the kids. Can't wait till next year!"

Lana Friedland, New York

"My son Justin enjoyed the camp very much! He is applying some of the techniques emphasized at camp. He is paying more attention to his streamline and kicks. He is also working hard on his breaststroke. I think it was a great camp. The coaches was highly skilled and worked well with the children. Thank you for offering a great camp close to home!"

Janice Brewster, New York

I was in sport all my life, working with kids and adults teaching them swimming and competing. But suddenly Mermaid School with their colorful tails, excitement and way they do their own dolphin kick ( well Mermaid Kick) very fascinated me.

With help from the World of Swimming we are in process of opening our own mermaid school in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sergey Fesenko, Olympic Champion

I am convinced that children ( and adults ) are learn better while using imagination.

This classes are not about competition , but I am thinking that in the future we can add it to this school :)

I love this camp! Its a dream come true to me! I have always wanted to become a mermaid. I've done various spells and potions to help me become a mermaid but they never worked. So now, because of this camp, I am now a mermaid!”

-Angelique, Age 10

"The most amazing thing about this camp was that it wasn't just, "Lets pretend we are mermaids". Instead they were given actual lessons in how to swim with a monofin. My daughter learned how to flip turn underwater, how to swim with a tail on both the frontside of her body and the backside of her body, and she perfected her dolphin kick."-

Ric Ricard, parent

"This past summer we contracted with World of Swimming to offer Mermaid classes at Lake Callis Recreation Complex. The children and parents absolutely loved this program. They supplied all the necessary items to turn each child into a Mermaid / Merman for the day. I would recommend them to others interested in this type of program".

Carey Reed, Director Davison parks and Recreation, MI

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