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E-Course runs accordingly with:

Mermaiding Swimming Association, MSA

Finswimming Federation of America, FFOA

Synchronized Swimming Federation, FINA

Free Diving Federation of America, Dive and Surf

American Red Cross, ARC

Course includes:

  • Prerequisits
  • Safety
  • Mermaiding skills teaching and transcripts
  • Mermaid classes teaching for all ages transcripts
  • Mermaid Aqua
  • Mermaid Yoga * Synchro Mermaiding, mermaid shows
  • Open water mermaiding and safety
  • Freediving for mermaids, breath hold techniques, water and dryland
  • Mermaid Party Plan for all ages blocks and marketing your party
  • Historical insights of mermaids
  • Mermaid poetry, spells, language
  • Legal documents. Waivers
  • Membership forms
  • Training videos * Teaching mermaiding for people with disability.

E-course teaching videos will have been recorded from the Main Key West Pro Mermaid Instructor course. Students will learn and practice in their own locations: basic of swimming and fin swimming, aqua and synchro mermaiding, mermaid yoga and mermaid fitness.

Students will receive personal feedback from our coaches, help with marketing own school or mermaid business, advertising on social media and

Kristina Novichenko

World Champion Fin swimmer

Yoga, aqua and fitness for mermaids

Kristina Makushenko

World Class and Russian Champion Synchronized swimming

Mermaid show director

Marina Kazankova

World champion freediver

Gienness record holder free diving

Breath hold and underwater swimming for mermaids